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Carolyn Graves has returned to her childhood home following a fifteen-year absence to settle her estranged mother’s estate. As she struggles to push past the emotions and memories of their strained relationship - and her own anxiety – she attempts to quickly complete the process and be on her way. But as Carolyn begins to sort through her mother’s private documents, she discovers a disturbing and unknown history behind her mother’s early life. As a result, Carolyn learns the truth about her parent’s relationship, and the secrets they've kept hidden for decades.

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Life was good for Laura Reynolds. Surrounded by loving parents, a devoted husband and adoring children, her life was uneventful and complete. But her contentment is soon challenged when a mysterious young woman shows up on her doorstep, revealing the bittersweet truth of her existence. After a lifetime of secrets, Laura is torn between her love for the family who raised her, and the family she never knew existed.

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On a cold, stormy night in 1890, seventeen year old Catherine Whitfield gives birth to her firstborn child - the illegitimate product of her love affair with a young footman at her family's New York estate. Surrounded by the rigid constraints of Victorian society, Catherine is forced by her father to relinquish the child to save her honor, and the Whitfield name. Devastated, Catherine makes a shocking decision to take destiny into her own hands - leaving an eerie legacy for generations to come.

In the summer of 1973, twelve year old Annie Nichols befriends a handsome, young stranger (Daniel) who arrives in her tiny, coastal town of Mystery Cove. Annie is immediately drawn to Daniel's free spirited, unconventional lifestyle and the two quickly develop a unique bond that alarms her family and friends.


Despite the unwelcome protests of their conservative community, Daniel decides to make camp in an abandoned barn on the edge of town. Soon disturbing events begin to occur, in which Daniel becomes the prime suspect.


Daniel has come for a purpose. One that will tear apart the small community - and shatter Annie's innocence forever.

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