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Author Interview with Angelique Draco

Updated: Aug 28, 2018

Next up in my author interview series is Ned the Zombie's (aka C.M. Harris) partner in horror, author Angelique Draco @Angelwolf24. If you're not already following this awesome author on twitter, you should! Like seriously, stop what you're doing and hit follow!

Angelique is a horror author from my home state California. So enough with the introductions. Let's get started!

1. Why do you write?

I write because the stories in my head demand to be told. I have always had a vivid imagination that spills over into my dreams and felt a need to share. Reading is a great escape for the mind and being able to provide that escape makes my heart soar.

2. Why horror?

I intermix horror and fantasy. My favorite books as a young lady were written by Stephen King. I used to save every dime I could make babysitting just to buy those books. I loved the spine tingling fear and the dark humor. I also blame my mom for letting me watch the original Friday the 13th when I was four and scaring the crap out of me. It was such a rush that I could not help but fall in love with Stephen King’s writing.

3. Any particular writer’s that have inspired you?

Well obviously Stephen King played a huge part in my development as a writer but years later I found writers like Laurell K. Hamilton and Kim Harrison that really combined with Mr. Kings influence to create the writer I am today.

4. Did you read a lot of horror as a kid?

Yes, I read ever last drop of Stephen King’s books mixed with Dean Koontz and a few random authors I don’t remember. My biggest find at that time in my life was Anne Rice. Her vampires and imagery created further refinement for my own writing preferences later.

5. What was the scariest thing you remember as a child?

The scariest thing I remember as a kid was a combination of A Nightmare on Elm Street and Stephen King’s It. I literally had nightmares one summer of Pennywise and Freddy Kruger trying to kill me as I ran through my middle school. I actually turned and fought back in my dream. It was awesome and frightening, when I woke up I could not go back to sleep my adrenaline was kicked up too high.

6. What are your personal fears?

My personal fears are simple, well except for one of them. I have a fear of burning alive and being buried alive. These both make me claustrophobic. My worst fear though is spiders. When I was 12 I had a female brown recluse lay her eggs in my arm. My mom thought it a typical spider bite till the area kept growing. She took me to the doctors and they lanced it open, cleaning out a couple hundred baby spiders that would have killed me had the hatched. Spiders are the only thing that will make me run screaming.

7. What teenage stereotype would you be in a slasher movie?

In a slasher film I would end up being the girl who survives and fights back! There are very few examples of this, but in the Friday the 13th 2 the lone survivor manages to stay alive by donning Jason’s moms clothing in order to fight back and escape. That would be me and unlike most girls I will not only pick up a weapon and use, I’ll also keep the damn thing. It has always pissed me off when they use it once and chuck it. For the record a closet is never a good place to hide! They will find you!

8. Stephen King describes three different kinds of horror. 1) The Gross-out: the sight of a severed head tumbling down a flight of stairs. 2) The Horror: the unnatural, spiders the size of bears, the dead waking up and walking around. 3) The Terror: The terror, where you come home to find everything you own replaced by an exact replica. Which type of writer are you?

I am more of the unnatural horror and terror type of writer, though I must admit I can bring the gore with the best of them. I guess you could say I’m all three and well rounded. (Laughs)

9. Is your family supportive of your writing? Where do you find most of your support?

My family on my mom’s side is impressed and tend to brag that I am published On my dad’s side (with the exception of my pops) they seem jealous and negative. They tend to cut me down for my choice of genre. My Grandmother called me a liar when I told her I published a book until I handed her a copy. Then she asked me why I couldn’t just write poetry like my cousin. She felt my book was ugly. I really didn’t care, I accomplished one of my dreams her opinion wasn’t going to stop me. My Mom, Sister, boyfriend and Chris aren’t biggest supporters. They encourage me to keep pushing for my dream of being paid to write. It’s because of their encouragement that I stand tall and keep publishing my works.

10. What’s your day job? Love it or hate it?

Ugh, my day job is running a dental office, I do paralegal work and InstaCart on the side(Silicone Valley, California is outrageously expensive). I hate my real job. I have been doing customer service since I was 14 years old, 25 years later and I am beyond done. I pray every day a big publisher will find me or one of my literary heroes will read my work and suggest it to their publisher.

11. If you had to read one novelist's work for the rest of your life, who would it be?

That one is easy. I could literally be content to read only Stephen King’s work for the rest of my life. He has so many worlds I could visit over and over again! Between Derry and the Dark Tower I would be one happy woman!

12. When you are working on a story and you find that it isn’t working, do you get rid of it, keep working on it, or put it away for a later date?

I have books that have stalled, but I find that holding on to them and revisiting the world or story later just had to happen. Sometimes it’s just not their moment to be told and then later

bam their are ready to make their entrance into the world.

13. You recently co-wrote a book with C.M. Harris. What was that like?

Writing with Chris is amazing. We seem to feed off each other and support each other beyond measure. Chris is definitely my brother/twin from another mother. He gave me the creative freedom to do my worst and it was brilliant. I would love to do a back and forth novel like Stephen King and Peter Straub did with The Talisman.

14. Tell us about your new book?

I actually have two new books the year, Inn Spirits: Tales of the Folsom and Decayed. Inn Spirits is for those who love the spine tingling chills and nightmare inducing gore. It’s guaranteed to scare your socks off. Decayed is the second book in my Hell’s Gate series and is a continuation of Pandora’s Hell. It is guaranteed to show heroes as regular people who fight Hell itself to save the human world.

15. Why should we read it? Give me your best elevator pitch.

Inn Spirits should be read for shock value you, it’s like defibrillator pads guaranteed to shock the dead back to life. Decayed is for those that want a world in turmoil saved by real heroes. It a definitive break from our current situation as a country.

16. Where can we find it?

All of my books are available on Amazon.

Pandora’s Hell Click here, Decayed Click here , and Inn Spirits Click here all you have to do is follow the links.

17. What is your goal for this book?

I would absolutely love for all my books and all of Chris’s book and our books together to make us fabulously famous and to help us both support our families. Plus, it would be awesome to sit and talk with Stephen King as a peer instead of a star struck fan. Though I must admit I would be star struck anyway.

18. What – or who – is the scariest thing you’ve seen in real life? Including on twitter.

The scariest thing I have seen in real life was a man shoot my neighbor. I was 15, it was New Year’s Eve, they argued and he pulled a gun and shot my neighbor in the leg and chest. It was awful. It turned out that the shooter was mentally ill. On Twitter I watched the live footage of the white supremacist run all those people down. It was awful and to see these people support 45 made me sick. I personally didn’t vote for that train wreck of human flesh. I knew better.

19. What are you working on now?

I am currently working on my last book in my Hell’s Gate Series and more horror short stories for the second Inn Spirits. It’s a lot on my plate but I’m enjoying the challenge.

20. What epitaph on your grave?

My epitaph will read: “Hi I’m dead, now rub your nipples for shits and giggles. Look behind you my pet Zombie is hungry. “ I plan to be scary and funny even in my grave.

I hope you enjoyed this interview from the dark side! Don't forget to say hi to Angelique on twitter and check our her books!

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