• Rebecca Yelland

Montag and His Portal

Bella Rayne wrote this adorable story about the "portal" kitty tore under my mattress. If only I knew where he was going!

My name is Montag. I am a beautiful black cat.

I lived at a shelter and this is where Rebecca found me.

She adopted me and took me to her home and welcomed me into her family.

It was the best day of my life.

One day last month I discovered a strange hole in the bottom side of her mattress.

I could hear someone singing a song to the music playing softly in the background.

I was curious to see where it was coming from. I tried peeking with one eye and then the other. I could not make out where it was coming from. The destination was too dark.

The hole was big enough for a tiny mouse but not for a grown cat like myself. You see I am three and a half years old now.

How was I going to get in there?

I knew Rebecca would not be happy with me but I had to know.

Ripping, shredding and tearing apart I was able to make the hole bigger so I could fit through it.

One paw after another I made my way through the portal into another place and time.

As I crept closer the music got louder. The singer had a beautiful voice.

I was being cautious because I did not know what was on the other side of that voice. I was ready to pounce at any moment. For all I knew it could be a big dog. A dog that did not like cats.

Once again I was met with a little tiny hole to get through. This time when I looked inside there was a candle lit room with all sorts of colors.

Sitting on a small table was a record player. I could not name the song because it was from another time unlike my own.

I wished Rebecca was here so we could listen to it together.

I scooted around so I could get a better look at the singer. She had blonde hair with ringlets. The little girl was no older than eight years old.

She seemed to be singing to something or someone.

I waited for her to turn so I could see who the lucky someone was that she was singing to.

“Are you almost done dear?” I hear from the other side of the room.

“Yes, mama,” the girl said sadly.

She got up and turned the record player off. Looking in the mirror once more she caught my eye and winked at me.

She turned and blew a kiss, put on her coat and waved goodbye.

Not only was she singing to herself but she was singing to me. Knowing I was there she sang from her heart.

Time collapsed this day. For I got a glimpse into that little girls heart. I knew we would meet again. I crawled back to where the hole in the bed was.

One paw after another I crept out silently.

I would await my little girls return…Montag thought to himself.

When Rebecca found the hole she was not happy. I do not blame her. It was a stinker move on my part.

She boarded the bed up with books so I could not get back to the hole in the bottom side of the mattress.

That is okay…if only she knew!

Knew what you might ask?

If only she knew that I got a glimpse into her little girl heart so long ago. I am so happy she sang to me that day.

It reminded me of the first time she sang to me after she brought me to my new home…

The End! Or is it?

    © 2020 by REBECCA YELLAND