• Rebecca Yelland

Thoughts From An Indie Author

Updated: Aug 28, 2018

Being an indie author is challenging. Very challenging. Completing your manuscript isn’t the end of the story. It’s only just the beginning. Next, you must decide on how you want to publish. Do you want to publish through a vanity press such as Dorrance Publish or Xlibri? Or DIY options such as Create Space, BookBaby or Smashwords? Names that will become imbedded in your brain as you agonize over this important decision. And steps that may stop many authors in their tracks who are technically challenged or drive you to madness.

Once you've made that decision–and you’re computer savvy enough to conquer the process–that’s when the real work begins of never ending marketing and promotion. The kind that may permanently alienate you from family, friends and social media followers, by shamelessly shoving your book in their face to reach the masses. If you’re an introvert, this can be a terrifying, uncomfortable and downright traumatic experience. But hey, that’s what therapy is for. You might want to include that expense in your marketing budget.

Then there’s the struggle of obtaining reviews–the ultimate goal of every writer. Readers may buy your book and either love it or hate it. But how will you ever know without them posting a review? It is the eternal dilemma for writers with no clear solution. All you can do is hope and pray–or resort to bribery–to get those numbers up on Goodreads, Amazon and beyond.

My thoughts?

You have to be a brave, gutsy soul, and a natural born sales person to be an indie author. It’s a tough market, and getting tougher all the time. Even if your book is the next Harry Potter, it’s a struggle to find your place amid the flood of competition. Unless, of course, you start your own publishing company. In which case, please remember me!

So to all you courageous indie authors out there, I applaud your audacity and wish you much success. It's a hard road. But in the writing world, failure is not based on dollars. It is by giving up and surrendering to fear and doubt.

Readers are waiting. Don't deprive them of your story. For this indie author, it has made me all the more determined.


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