• Rebecca Yelland

You Can't Judge An Author By Their Cover

Updated: Aug 28, 2018

In creating my new account on twitter, a recent follower commented about my profile. She admitted that she initially blew me off as "one of those annoying indie authors who didn't talk about anything but poetry and my books."

I was not offended. Instead, I had to laugh.

I can understand how my new profile might have appeared that way - considering the only three tweets were about my books and new website. But it got me to thinking. How many times do we judge a fellow author by their cover/profile? How many times do we pick the “cool” people over what we perceive as the ordinary? In doing so we are really missing out on some awesome people.

I write historical/women's fiction. So you'd think I would of have sought out similar authors to follow. I did in the beginning. But after a while, I realized that sharing the same genre doesn’t necessarily mean that we share the same engagement. In fact, it's the exact opposite. Most of my close twitter friends are actually horror and erotica authors – and many who are young enough to be my kids. Who knew?

I've discovered during my time on twitter, that common factors such as genre/age/religion/race/sexual orientation have nothing to do with who I follow. When someone follows me, the first thing I do is look at their page. What they tweet and how supportive they are to the writing community is a deal breaker on my following back. Looks are deceiving. You never know who the guilty promo/politics/offensive tweet culprits are based on appearance or follower count alone.

So what’s the moral of this blog? Be open to everyone. You'd be surprised who's got your back when you need it the most.


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